Ondina Savelli


Ondina (1928-2016), Salemarasino, Italy. She worked and lived in Heinenoord near Rotterdam, Holland. Love brought her to Holland. In 1945 Ondina married Joop Impelmans. In 1969 she graduated with honours at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts. From that period on she combined her work as a visual artist with teaching.


In the beginning, Ondina worked with steel, stone, bronze and clay, later she specialised in ceramics. In the period 1969 - 1996 she was known for her thematic approach towards ceramics. Het vases with animal motifs were well-known as well as her series on fertility. Inspiration came from ancient history, Inca's of Peru and pre-historic figures of Venus. Her Doni figures are a highlight of this series. 

Her work was exhibited in Boston Museum of Fine Arts and other places in the U.S.A. and Europe.

We represent her ceramics.