Antonella Savelli


Antonella (1932 - 2017), Genoa, Italy. She lived and worked in Le Beaucet, Provence, France. She started as a visual artist at the Swiss television (SRF) where she was working on graphic art. She married Wilfried Bolliger, a well-known Swiss movie director.  

From 1960 she was known for her books for children. The stories and illustrations were made by herself. The absolute highlights were the books on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi and the book about Samuel and Rebecca. She concentrated more and more on painting. Her technique was fresco-like, and her palette with soft colours was in line with her inner world. 

Her works on special handmade paper were well-known. Antonella was known for the use of natural pigments, that gave a unique atmosphere to her works of art. In the period until 1992, she used canvasses with large dimensions. After a severe stroke, she changed her style in a more expressionist way of showing her emotions. Together with her sister Ondina Savelli she was invited to several international exhibitions. 


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