John ten Berge, also known as "The insane painter"


After being graduaten from the "Academie voor Schone Kunsten" in Groningen, John specialised in making and restaurant frescos and abstract oilpainting. Just a couple of years ago he discoveren that working with watercolours gave him more freedom to express his feelings about society. He works in the traditional English style of watercolouring. His view on society makes him presenning mirrorlike imprssions of dayly life in Holland, like "Sitting in a circle at a birthday party", or "Soup-eating on a sunday afternoon". But it also gives him room for a sceptical view on society. His aquarel about the visiting of a museum shows a family with absolutely no interest in a painting expert for one. Or his study on diverse types of people; Travestites, priest with wife and child. The figures are very detailes. Every face is different and painted in a way that makes you think of Pieter Brueghel the Elder.