Lanfranco Finocchioli


Lanfranco Finocchioli lives and works in Rome, Italy. His talent for drawing and painting was 

identified when he was a boy.

The sixties are a period in which he develops his palette and style, in short, his identity in art. His friendship with the great artist De Chirico has influenced him very much. Now he is seen as one of the leading Italian Surrealist artists. He exposed his works of art together with De Chirico, Dali, Mirò, 

Gattuso and others.

In 1974 he created "L'Art Studio” with two of his friends. In 1989 he formed the "Associazione Arte Studio Tre" where groups of artists are gathering. From this association develops "Re di Roma" a 

meeting point for young and gifted visual artists of which Lanfranco Finocchioli is vice-president.


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