Liuva Maqueira Gomez


Liuva Maqueira Gomez (Havana, Cuba) lives and works in Terni, Italy. In 1994 she received her degree at the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in Cuba, earning the highest scores. Since 1995, in Bogotá (Columbia), Liuva worked for five years in the field of oil painting experimentation techniques. 

She moved to Italy in 2000. Since her arrival Liuva is attracted to the artistic tradition of the country, showing particular a lively interest in the world of ceramics. For ten years, she has focused herself in a careful and intense studies.


Ljudesign, a quality brand, is born in 2016. With this brand Liuva creates art and design objects, furnishing accessories, which are solved in the dualism between classic and modern, space and time, lights and shadows, empty and full; white enamels and bold colors, spontaneous freshness in the conception of shapes. giving rise to a symphony in which the matter get forms. Liuva Maqueira inspiration draws energy from various sources. 

Her collections reflect the blend of tradition and innovation.