International gallery for modern en contemporary art

Art unites and is "boundless"


Studio ImSpa presents international artists in our gallery in the Netherlands as well as by mediation abroad and via our website.


Our credo is:

"We go for quality based on mutual understanding, respect and bridge-building collaboration"


The artists we present, will almost automatically take part in the exchange projects we create together with foundation "Grenze(N)Loze Kunst.

ImSpa and the foundation started an international cooperation with Aion Arte in Umbria Italy.



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Exposition calendar 2019


May - December 2018:

                          Participation of artists from our Galery "Studio ImSpa" in several    

                          exhibitions in Italy. Cooperation between our Galery and the foundation

                          "AION Arte"



09-12-2018 t/m 13-01-2019

                          "Women's Issues"

                          "The realism of Linda and Tracy"

                          with Linda Roffel and Tracy McEachran" 


24-02-2019 t/m 12403-2019

                           "Mixed Emotions"
                           with Juana Delgado Cruz, Natalie de Waard, and others                  


28-04-2019 t/m 25-05-2019

                           "Artists in small dimensies"

                           Presentations of a number of artists who will participate during the

                           First Biennale of Gubbio. With Toos van Holstein, Gene Pompa,

                           Giuseppe Alegrucci, and others


27-07-2019 t/m/ 18-08-2019

                       "International Exhibition at Gubbio (IT) Gubbio (It)." 

                           30 international artists and artisans present and work together in

                            "Sala degli Arconi" en het "Sala dei Capitani"in Gubbio,

                            Palazzo Ducale and the Main library Biblioteca Sperelliana.

                           Collaboration between“Stichting Grenze(n)loze Kunst”,

                            Stichting “Aion Arte” (It) Community of Gubbio,

                            Gallery “Studio ImSpa” and ImSpa Productions



I've always loved alianation, to daydream. As a child I made my own theories about things and how they worked. And how the world works. At the art academy I refound this and was able to fuse this in my work.

I combine shapes, animals, machines, things to create new logic or illogical beings/things. Humor is very important in this I feel for it opens the mind in a very pleasant way. It opens people to look beyond the obvious.


I want to invite people to think, to wander like a child. To look at the world with an open view. Things are not always what they seem. In this world today seemingly ruled by fear people should not run with leaders that hate and spread the fear. People should think for themselves, for they decide what their world looks like. That is what I want to invite people to see. Think for yourself, and dont let anyone tell you not to.

Redmer Hoekstra


Wat voor mij relevant is dat ik sterk de behoefte voel om van mens tot mens te praten over de mens. De technieken zijn hierbij belangrijk maar niet bepalend.

Heeft een kunstenaar een missie?          

Vanuit mijn gezichtpunt wel!  Soms ben ik een soort verslaggever, een reporter die de sociale omgeving verbeeldt.

De titel van deze expositie is: "De Vervreemding".

Het weerspiegelt onze bijzondere maatschappij. 

Kunnen wij een betere maatschappij opbouwen  en de mens uit zijn geïsoleerde en vereenzaamde positie laten komen, los van zichzelf en de natuur?


Roberto Caradonna

One of the short presentaties on Italian Tellevision (RAI 3, Canale 10, TGR, RAI 3 regionale.